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A Peek into Personal History

Cocoons of Silk: A True Romance from 1930s China by Ping-Nan Yang

Any reader with a romantic heart and curiosity about life in China during the early 20th century will find this true story fascinating. A Chinese man recalls the tangled love story that wrapped him in cocoons of silk in his youth and caused him to make what we'd call today unwise decisions. A gifted young teacher with a flair for writing music and street dramas during a turbulent time in Chinese history,

Cocoons cover partial

he rebels against the old-fashioned custom of arranged marriages. But in that era, love matches were scandalous, and those who sent love letters left themselves open to blackmail. How will he disentangle himself? And how will it change his life forever?

This book was written in Chinese by Ping-Nan Yang during his eighties in Taiwan, before he died. It was translated into English by his son, Paul Yang, and Dori Jones Yang.  The book is available here. Check out the reviews on amazon.com.