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The Secret Voice of Gina Zhang

by Dori Jones Yang

Jinna has always been shy, but when her family moves to America from China, she vows to be the new “Gina” – brave, confident, and quick to learn English.  If only her throat would cooperate.  Every time she tries to speak at school, no words come out. What is wrong with her?

Everyone is frustrated by Gina’s silence except Priscilla, a girl with her own need for understanding.  Priscilla is as talkative as Gina is quiet. Gina wants to trust her, but can she let Priscilla in on her biggest secret, the private fairy-tale world inside her head?

Winner of the 2000 Pleasant T. Rowland Prize for Fiction for Girls.

Skipping Stones Honor Award for multicultural books, 2001.

For Author’s comments and review excerpts, see www.dorijonesyang.com

This is a 2011 reprint of a book published in 2000 by Pleasant Company Publications, the American Girl press. Ages 10 and up. Available in paperback for $5.95 and e-book format for $2.99.

Buy it through amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com.



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