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Son of Venice, A Story of Marco Polo

Sequel to Daughter of Xanadu,  by Dori Jones Yang

Marco Polo: When he arrived in China at the age of twenty-one, he never expected to fall in love – especially with the Great Khan’s granddaughter, Emmajin. Perhaps he was influenced by the stories of romantic love he told to entertain the Khan, as well as the princess’s prowess on the battlefield. He was astounded when the Khan sent Emmajin to deliver a letter of peace and cooperation to the Pope.  Yet before he even began that journey with her, a shaman warned him of danger and traitors. What could that mean?

Emmajin: What an honor to be chosen by her grandfather, Khubilai Khan, on a diplomatic mission to Italy! Yet no sooner had she turned her horse’s head toward the west than she struggled against limits placed on her freedom. The Mongol Army officers guarding her refused to let her fraternize with Marco Polo.  Plus, as she traveled west with a huge army, she began to question the Khan’s intentions. Did he really want her to make peace?

Follow the adventures of Emmajin and Marco Polo as they head west along the Silk Road and face battles, intrigue, sinister plots, and unexpected challenges to their unconventional love. Can his eloquence and cleverness help when Emmajin faces dangers beyond any she imagined?

Available as of June 6, 2012 in paperback at selected bookstores and through amazon.com, and in e-book versions, including Kindle and Nook.



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