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Cocoons of Silk: A True Romance from 1930s China

by Ping-Nan YangCocoons cover

In the 1930s, in a small town in eastern China, a young man faces a dilemma.  Ever since the Emperor fell, social values have been changing.  Modern young people are rebelling against the dictates of their parents and their ancestors.  To him, the most compelling, revolutionary idea is this:  Marriage could, and should, be about mutual attraction.

But when the old rules are gone, how do you decide what's right and what's wrong?  Can a man fall in love with two women at once?  A romantic at heart, he knew better than that.  Or did he?

This book, now available through amazon.com, tells a gripping but true story.  Names have not been changed to protect the innocent - or the guilty. This tale involves young love, romance, blackmail, betrayal, a huge risk, a chase, regret, second chances, and consequences.

The author of this memoir, Ping-Nan Yang, was born in 1908 near Lianyungang on the eastern coast of China.  A gifted young scholar, he became a teacher at the age of sixteen.  Later, after the tangled romance told in this book, he served as a political commissar in China's national army and fought against the Japanese invasion.  He wrote this story in Chinese during his later years, in Taiwan, in 1987.

His son, Paul J.C. Yang, and daughter-in-law, Dori Jones Yang, translated his memoirs into English and hereby present them to the world.

Published August 23, 2012, and available in paperback through amazon.com for $7.99.  166 pages.