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Books published by East West Insights


Warm Cup of Wisdom, Inspirational Insights on Relationships and Life contains everyday wisdom from nine women interviewed by the author, Dori Jones Yang. She asked them twenty questions about happiness, coping with tough times, midlife changes, loss, relating to adult children, sources of hope of more. Their answers will surprise you - and may encourage you to launch a wisdom project of your own.

Son of Venice, A Story of Marco Polo continues the story begun in Daughter of Xanadu.  Emmajin, fictional granddaughter of Khubilai Khan, begins her journey to the West, hoping to establish peace between her homeland and that of her admirer, Marco Polo. A shaman’s warning of traitors casts a shadow over their journey. Available in paperback for $9.99 online here.

voices-of-the-second-wave-smVoices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle reveals the true life stories of 35 Chinese Americans who immigrated to the United States in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Most came as students, speaking Mandarin and seeking careers in the professions. In their own words, they tell of their bittersweet experiences. Available in paperback for $15.95 online here.

ginafrontcover-sm2The Secret Voice of Gina Zhang, for ages 10 – 12, tells the story of an immigrant girl from China who begins fifth grade in Seattle. Not only does she struggle with English, but she loses her ability to speak at all, in school. In her mind, she creates a fascinating imaginary world - but how can she make friends without speaking? This award-winning children’s book was first published by American Girl in 2000. Available in paperback for $5.95 online here.




Cocoons of Silk: A True Romance from 1930s China is the true tale of a tangled romance in eastern China.  A young man, influenced by modern ideas, rejects his arranged marriage and pursues a highly-charged love affair, only to find himself caught in the cocoon of another beautiful young woman. This story involves young love, romance, blackmail, betrayal, a huge risk, a chase, regret, second chances and consequences. This book is an English translation of the memoirs of Ping-Nan Yang, originally written in 1987. Available in paperback for $7.99 online here.



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