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Welcome to East West Insights

Books That Bridge The Gap

East West Insights is a boutique book publishing imprint that aims to bridge all kinds of gaps, including those between countries and those between generations. We believe that well-told stories can help us understand people from faraway lands and provide 'aha!' insights to readers of all ages. The name is inspired by Marco Polo, the first writer to try to bridge the gap between East and West. In his book he described what we now call the Marco Polo Bridge, with its rows of stone lions. It still stands near Beijing.

For more information on Dori Jones Yang, see www.booksbydori.com.


Invaluable Life Lessons

Manage Your Mind, Set Yourself Free

by Sidney Rittenberg

front cover only

 Bad things happen to everyone, and some bad things cannot be changed. The death of a loved one. A diagnosis of a fatal disease. Chronic pain. Imprisonment without hope of release. If you’re faced with something this terrible, what can you do? The only option is to change your outlook on your suffering.

Sidney Rittenberg’s new book, Manage Your Mind, Set Yourself Free, gives specific ideas on just how to do that. Twice he was imprisoned in China on false charges, with many years in solitary confinement, with no end in sight. Today, at the age of 94, he is cheerful, witty, and affectionate, with no bitterness or anger. How did he survive such torture and live a long life without scars?

In his “Twelve Key Lessons, Learned the Hard Way” chapter, he tells us what he learned about how to stave off madness by managing his thoughts. “Don’t cover up problems,” “Celebrate the improvements,” “Draw on culture,” “Plan your day,” and “Be careful of the stories you tell yourself” are just a few of his insights, which he illustrates with examples from his life.

This book is invaluable to anyone whose suffering seems endless and unsolvable. His message: there is hope, but you have to work at it.

Now available on amazon in paperback and kindle formats. 

Last Updated on Friday, 12 February 2016 22:15

Seeking Wisdom in Book Form

Warm Cup of Wisdom: Inspirational Insights on Relationships and Life

Author Dori Jones Yang sits down with nine women she admires as wise and asks personal questions about how to navigate the second half of life. With humility, honesty, and humor, these nine women open their lives to her and offer their own warm advice and touching stories.

You'll find here a remarkable variety of insights about how to improve relationships, cope with tough emotions, navigate rocky transitions at midlife, and achieve a sense of calm and contentment. This book provides a roadmap and a challenge for you to embark on your own "wisdom project."

You will find wisdom all around you, if you dare to ask.


A Thoughtful and Moving Memoir

After the Bitter Comes the Sweet: How One Woman Weathered the Storms of China's Recent History

by Yulin Wang Rittenberg

 Should a woman be punished for marrying a foreigner?

East West Insights announces the release of After the Bitter Comes the Sweet: How One Woman Weathered the Storms of China’s Recent History, by Yulin Wang Rittenberg. This astonishing memoir relates the tumultuous life story of a Chinese woman whose loyalty to the Communist Party was shattered when her American husband, Sidney Rittenberg, was arrested on false charges and jailed for years.

Born into dire poverty during wartime China, as a young girl, Yulin found opportunity, education, and hope in the Communist Party. After foraging for weeds and scrounging for warm cinders spewed from passing trains, she was given the opportunity to learn radio technology and assigned to Beijing, where she rose to responsible positions within China’s Broadcast Administration. There she met and married Sidney Rittenberg, one of the first foreigners permitted to join the Communist Party of China. He had befriended Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and the other founders and leaders of the Party in its early days before their victory in 1949.

Together, Sidney and built a life full of promise, with four children.  But in 1968, their dreams were shattered when Sidney was thrown into prison, accused of spying for America. Reviled as a "dog-spy's wife," Yulin was confined, persecuted, sent to labor camp, and separated from her young children. 

After the Bitter Comes the Sweet is a tale of determination, resilience, and struggle, with lessons for any reader who faces what seems to be insurmountable troubles. As her difficulties worsened and her colleagues attacked her and even her parents, Yulin had to rely on her own resources. She learned how hard times bring out meanness in some people and kindness in others, how to focus her strength and resources on survival, and how to use her rational mind to face injustice.

This book casts a new light on the well-known story of Sidney Rittenberg, whose own memoir, The Man Who Stayed Behind, written with journalist Amanda Bennett, was published by Simon and Schuster in 1993. The remarkable and unique story of Sidney and Yulin was also told in an award-winning documentary, The Revolutionary, released in 2011.

After the Bitter Comes the Sweet, written with the assistance of Dori Jones Yang, is now available in paperback for $12.95 on Amazon and in Kindle format for $3.99, as well as in e-book format on Smashwords. 


Marco Polo returns!

Son of Venice, A Story of Marco Polo, by Dori Jones Yang, sequel to Daughter of Xanadu

Son of Venice continues the story begun in Daughter of Xanadu, set in thirteenth century China. Emmajin begins her journey to the West, assigned by her grandfather, Khubilai Khan, to carry a letter to establish peace and cooperation between her homeland and Marco Polo’s. Marco is to travel in the same caravan. But a shaman’s warning of traitors and danger casts a shadow over their journey.

Emmajin wants to win respect as an ambassador of the Great Khan and also to enjoy her travels with Marco Polo.  But her Mongol Army guards insist on keeping them apart. Plus, as she travels west with a huge army, she begins to doubt the Khan’s intentions. Does he really want her to make peace with the West?

Told in alternating points of view, this book follows the adventures of Emmajin and Marco Polo as they head west along the Silk Road. They face battles, intrigue, sinister plots, and unexpected challenges to their unconventional love.

The book is available in paperback for $9.99 through amazon.com and at selected bookstores, and e-book formats for $5.99, including Kindle and NOOK.

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